Contractors & Other Trades

 We can help!

So, How Can We Help?

Here’s a sampling of the various services we can offer to help you start and expand your business!

Entity Formation & Strategic Structuring
Proper entity structure is the foundation of a successful business.  We’ll provide customized advice for your long-term business health.
Trademark, Trade Secret & Copyright Assistance
Is your intellectual property protected? Over protected? We can help make sure you’re not overspending for more than you truly need.
Lease Negotiation & Review
Ready to take the plunge or move into a new space? We can help you negotiate a lease, or review the one you’ve already negotiated.
Business Succession Planning
Any business will flounder without the right ownership in place.  Don’t take the risk and let us help you properly structure that transition.
Estate Planning (Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, etc)
No business can succeed without with proper planning.  Let us help you get your personal affairs in order to ensure continued success.
Pre-formation Negotiation & Agreements
From Founders agreements to Intellectual Property assignments, and beyond, we’ve got your pre-formation needs taken care.
CSLB Advising
With several licensing types and rabbit holes to jump through, navigating CSLB can be extremely complicated and cumbersome.  We’re here to help!
Employee Agreements & Handbooks
From confidentiality agreements to non-disclosures and employee handbooks to ensure smooth operation, we’ve got your back.
Distributor Negotiation & Agreement Negotiations
Ready to get your distribution channels up and running?  We can review or help you create an agreement with your distributors.
Conflict Resolution (former employees, etc)
Dealing with employee issues?  Have a disgruntled employee taking your time away from your business?  Let us help you with that.