What Are The Benefits

Subscription-Based Legal Help?

If you own a family-run or small business, you stand to gain on two fronts from a subscription-based law practice, subject to the firm’s offerings.

Benefits for Your Business.

Opting for a subscription-based service potentially allows you to “cap” your legal expenses and distribute them over a specific duration, while enjoying all the perks of having a dedicated business lawyer. You can put aside worries about forming the correct business entity that aligns with your objectives and personal circumstances, or whether you’re complying with labor laws in your employee interactions.

Subscription services are typically designed to scale with your business, shifting you from one tier to the next as your needs evolve. Owing to our diverse clientele’s needs, we’ve adopted a multi-tiered approach, offering the right services for your business, irrespective of its life cycle stage.

We have a package tailored to meet your current needs.

So, what’s the second way you can benefit as a small or family-owned business?

Benefits for Your Family.

At our firm, we believe in a comprehensive approach, providing services that safeguard your business and your family should anything untoward happen to you.

But we don’t stop there. Once you find legal counsel you trust, you’ll want them to handle all life’s unexpected hurdles, or at least refer you to someone reliable. With our team of experienced attorneys, including those holding a real estate license, we’re equipped to navigate a wide range of situations for you and your family.

How Does This Compare to a Pre-Paid Legal Plan?

Pre-paid legal plans can offer great value to the right people. These plans often provide complete coverage for specific legal services and discounts on a firm’s standard rates.

Under such a plan, when you require legal services, your carrier provides a list of network providers in your area, leaving you to pick the right fit for your case. This can be a challenging part of the process – selecting a lawyer you can know, like, and ultimately trust with your affairs.

So, how does our subscription-based firm differ?

At Griffin | A Professional Law Corp., we assign our team members to your case but adopt a team-oriented approach. All our services are rendered by our in-house attorneys, eliminating the need to vet external referrals.

This relationship is crucial. Without trust, you can’t fully leverage the benefits of this model.

We want to be accessible for any reason. We want to welcome you into our family and become a part of yours. Success, for us, lies in collaboration.

With subscription-based legal aid, you are privy to the coverage details and costs upfront.

For instance, at our offices, this means no additional fees over your regular monthly payments for utilizing these services, irrespective of their frequency.

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