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In business, things can change quickly.  So, as an entrepreneur, you must maintain the ability to pivot when the wind starts to blow – especially if you’re a serial entrepreneur.  Joint us here each each for new updates in the world of business.

What You Need to Know about Articles of Organization

The limited liability company (LLC) is a popular entity structure among small business owners that provides governance and taxation flexibility and shields personal assets from business liabilities. To enjoy the benefits and legal protections of an...

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Legal Considerations As You Ramp Up Your Cybersecurity

The internet has been a game changer for small businesses, allowing them to reach new markets, hire nonlocal talent, and compete with larger companies. Not having an online presence where customers can discover and interact with your business is...

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How to End Your LLC

When you started your limited liability company (LLC), the last thing you probably had on your mind was ending it. Many LLCs are created for specific purposes, however, and when that purpose has been served, its members may think about winding up...

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Pass-Through Taxation: What You Need to Know

Most US businesses have a pass-through taxation structure: they are not subject to corporate tax. Instead, they have their income “pass through” to their owners to be taxed on their individual income tax returns. Pass-through businesses have...

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How to Handle an Employee’s Injury on the Job

On-the-job injuries are an unfortunate reality for many employers. Every year, millions of employees suffer injuries and illnesses in the workplace. While some industries have a higher risk of harm than others, you can expect to deal with an...

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