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In business, things can change quickly.  So, as an entrepreneur, you must maintain the ability to pivot when the wind starts to blow – especially if you’re a serial entrepreneur.  Joint us here each each for new updates in the world of business.

Is My Electronic Signature Valid?

Some of us remember when, to sign a document, it was necessary to print out the form, physically sign it, scan the signed document, and then send it as an email attachment. Electronic signatures have made this process all but obsolete. Nowadays,...

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Legal Considerations for Creating a Cooperative

A cooperative (co-op) is a business entity owned by—and operated for—the benefit of its members. There are several types of co-ops, and they are found in a variety of industries, from agriculture and the arts to finance and electricity generation....

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Purpose and Profits: A New Emerging Business Structure

It is a long-held capitalist axiom that businesses exist solely to make a profit. Typical for-profit corporations are legally required to act in the best interests of their shareholders, which means maximizing profits—often at the expense of other...

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Legal Considerations for Buying an Existing Business

Some entrepreneurs love the challenge of starting a new business and creating everything from scratch. However, that may not be the best approach for everyone. Buying an existing business can eliminate the initial legwork of establishing a customer...

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