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We offer a variety of services to help service professional entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs succeed in business and life.  While we love working with entrepreneurs through one of our Business Roadmap plans, we also offer some a la cart services to support your needs if the timing isn’t quite right to implement one of our roadmaps.


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How Do I Know If I Need a Business Advisor?

What is a legal subscription plan?

This isn't the type of business coaching or consulting you may be used to.  Our subscription program doesn't just show you a few cool lgal tips you can read about online and leave you on your way to implement.  With our just-in-time approach, we give you the right information, at the right time, to help you proactively set your business up for long-term success AND protection.

How Do I Know if a Legal Subscription Is Right for Me?

Most people can benefit from one of our subscription options, even if they've been in business for a substantial amount of time.  Why? Because legal compliance is an often-forgotten area of focus that many simply choose to ignore - creating much more expense then necessary, in the long run.

Do You Only Work With Established Businesses?

While many of our clients do have established businesses, the entrepreneurs we work with vary in experience across the board.  Some are brand new, while others have more than a decade of industry experience.  We simply help facilitate the right legal/corporate strategy to maximize what they're already doing and want to accomplish down the road.

Do You Offer Ongoing Advisory Services?

Yes! That's exactly what our subscription program is.  Our goal is to cover the gaps your legal foundation may be missing, help you build in the ones you'll need as your business grows, and be your sounding board as needed.  Plus, we'll help manage risks to your business by implementing the right strategy for your current business structure!

Do You Work With Start-Up Companies?

Absolutely! We love working with start-ups!  That's exactly who our Essentials plan was built for.  Look, everyone has to start somewhere.  You'll never get to business venture #3, if you don't start with #1.  We'd love to be a part of your entire journey!

About Matthew Murillo

Business Lawyer / Advisor

Matthew began his entrepreneurial journey from an early age and has kept that fire going ever since.  Matthew currently manages 3 business ventures along with being the founder of a Not-For-Profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to entrepreneurs.

Matthew and the team at Griffin | A professional Law Corp. are dedicated to supporting serial entrepreneurs, at any stage, of their business life cycle.

Companies & People We’ve Worked With

“…I felt he had given me the resources to grow and develop professionally…

You will not be disappointed! I am happy that I was referred to Matt; it was easy to understand what needed to be done, and great he was at helping me and supporting me with starting the business! I felt he had given me the resources to grow and develop professionally. He has a way of articulating his sentences by not telling you what to do; he asks very well-thought-out questions that give you the foundation to build a clear thought! You will not regret setting a consultation with him!

Stephen G.

Matthew and his team saved my company from a firm that dropped the ball big time on a liability that caused financial strain on my company. With his knowledge and professionalism that is all behind us now and we look forward to a brighter and more secure future! It’s difficult in this day and age to find someone with the drive and attention to detail such as Griffin! Highly recommend them to anyone needing legal services!

Nick B.

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