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Not quite ready for on-going support?

We also offer some a la carte services for those not quite ready to set-up a long-term strategy for their business.  While we offer a variety of a la carte service, they generally fall into a few over-arching categories, which we discuss below.  Once you’re ready to discuss your needs, schedule a call.

Business Formation

Corporations, LLCs, & Partnerships… Oh My!

Choosing the right type of entity at the outset is extremely important for every business.  We take long-term goals into account, along with current circumstances to determine our strategy and how we’ll approach the formation process.  From there, we’ll develop your Corporate Binder to ensure you have all of the right pieces in place to start compliance requirements on the right foot!


All Your Relationships, Written Down.

Contracts control your business relationships with the outside world. It’s important to make sure you confirm all agreements in writing to ensure both parties have full understanding of what’s going.  Most common types of contract we deal with include: (1) service agreements, (2) employee and independent contractor agreements, (3) arbitration agreements, (4) leases and (5) contract for the sale/purchase of a business along with a few others.  We can review your current agreement, or create a custom agreement specific to your needs.

Estate Planning

Keeping Things In The Family…

Estate Plans aren’t just for the wealthy.  Most entrepreneurs would benefit from having at least a basic estate plan in place in order to ensure their assets are not required to proceed through the probate process; and don’t pass to unintended heirs!

Tax Resolution

Income & Payroll Taxes

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people.  For one reason or another, some business owners can fall behind on their tax liailbity payments, payroll taxes, etc.  Don’t worry! It’s not the end!  Sometimes, its simply improper planning that needs to be adjusted for better planning moving forward, while the problems of the past are addressed.  Let us help.

Matt is a FANTASTIC attorney and the firm is PHENOMENAL! He takes the time to explain things when I didn’t understand, conducted business in a very professional and timely manner and I have had zero issues working with him. Matt is very kind, genuine and trustworthy and I will definitely be working with him and the firm again in the future.

Dustin R.

If you need him to look over contract and you are client he will . And give you the advice you need. I already have referred my friends to him .

Randy W.

Matthew Murillo from Griffin was OUTSTANDING. I sought advice. He did not know the answer – researched it – got back to me with just what I needed. He then showed me how I could do it myself without having to be charged by his company. Genuine and authentic. I will be going back to Griffin and Matthew for any legal needs moving forward.

Eric B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I Just Download Something From Google?

Absolutely! Google is a great resource with a vast array of available templates.  However, the reality is that legal compliance is not about having a document in place – it’s about having the right language in it.  We’ve seen a number of individuals not only choose an inappropriate template, but also include language that hurts them, instead of helping.

I already set-up my business, I just need an operating agreement? Can I request just that?

While it’s possible, we should atleast consider whether you have the right entity in place to manage your risks and potential liabilities.  We’ve come across a number of individuals who thought they were well protected, only to find out the entity choice they made on their own, wasn’t the most appropriate.

My business is not that complicated, I should be ok with one of those DIY website right?

In short, maybe. The longer answer is that you could be just fine with a DIY option.  However, our experience has been that many times the documents provided to you are just templates, not custom-drafted.  And many times we’ve seen them be wrong! Not such a mispelling here and there, but having a governing document (operating agreement) meant for multiple owners, when there is only one owner involved; or having one that is completely misaligned with the business goals and asset strategy.

Plus, by the time you finish paying for all the add-ons and extras, we’ve heard from some that the savings achieved don’t really make it a good alternative to attorney assistance.

How long do you services take?

Time depends on what we’re doing for you, our current case load, as well as processing times by government entities in some instances.  We sugget consulting with us about your timeline so we can suggest a strategy that works best for you. Don’t wait until the last minute! 

I can't find your fees anywhere. How much do you charge?

In a word, enough.  We charge what we believe to be a fair rate for the services we provide.  That said, we tend to offer flat rates once we have an idea of what your needs are.  That way, you know exactly what you’ll pay, and be able to plan for it – without worrying about long-term legal fees.

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