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Business Basics Plan


In addition to our quarterly roadmaps, our Business Basics plan includes these great benefits, no matter the time of year!

Apart from our year-around guidance, we’ll also provide you with quarterly roadmaps to address different aspects of your business in a just-in-time approach designed to grow with your business!


Regular Meetings

60 min.


On-Going Q&A

(via Text & email)



Document Review


2 Documents

 / month (with monthly rollover)

Registered Agent


If you’re ever sued, we’ll be the first to know so we can address it appropriately.

Legal Time


2 Hours

It can be difficult to anticipate legal needs, so we give you time to dedicate as you see fit.

Q1 Roadmap:

Create/Update Entity Structure

The business you start today, may not be the same as the business you have tomorrow.  Vision and needs change.  As a result, your entity structure may need to shift as well, in order to maximize its benefits to you.

Governing Document Review

We’ll review, update, amend and/or re-state your bylaws or operating agreement as necessary to ensure it aligns with your business.

Up-to-Date Minutes

We’ll ensure your organizational Minutes  are current, or bring them current if they’re not.

Entity Choice

We’ll review your current entity structure and determine if its the right choice, and re-structure or convert as necessary.

Ownership Considerations

We’ll ensure we have the right pieces in place, based on the desired ownership structure and understanding, investment and expectations.

State Reporting Compliance

We’ll ensure your state business reporting obligations are met.

Federal Compliance Updates

When necessary, we’ll also provide corporate updates to the IRS on your behalf.

Q2 Roadmap:

Contract Education & Implementation

Every business needs to have a set of go-to contracts it can rely to help protect itself from the outside world.  During this time, we’ll take a close look at your relationships with everyone else you do business with, and address any gaps that need to be filled.

Current Contracts

We’ll review your current contracts and modify them as needed to ensure protection AND compliance with any other laws, as needed.

Audit Business Practices

We’ll identify your current business practices and identify those areas where we need to ensure relationships are properly documents, and create the contracts to fill those gaps.

Q3 Roadmap:

Employment Policies & Procedures

Whether you’re planning on bringing on employees or independent contractors, it’s extremely important that you understand the need to classify correctly, and how to maintain the right policies and procedures to protect your business moving forward.

Roles & Duties

We’ll identify the various roles in your business and help you create appropriate job descriptions for each.

Employees & Contractors

We’ll review or create your employment or independant contractor agreements to help protect your business and its trade secrets.

Employee Policies & Handbook

Most established business don’t have an employee handbook, despite being great tools to laay out expetations and hold your employees accountable.  We’ll get you set-up with a basic handbook that incorporates your business’ policies in a variety of topics.

Hiring & Firing

We’ll assess your current hiring/firing policies & procedures and help you determine if any adjustments need to be made in order to ensure legal compliance and avoid hot water down the road.

Q4 Roadmap:

Marketing & Advertising Compliance

Why in the world would marketing be included in a business plan from a lawfirm? Because it’s closely related … and we’re not like other law firms.  We don’t just stop at giving you start-up or tax advice, we want to help you grow!

Website ADA Compliance Audit

Did you know that your website could aldn you in hot water if its not compliant with ADA regularation?  We’ll assess what your compliance needs are get you to the right people to address those needs!

Website Terms & Conditions

Every website should have a terms of use policy in place.  We’ll assess your site’s purpose, and create a custom solution for meeting this criteria.

Website Privacy Policy

Every website should also have a privacy policy if it collects ANY kind of information.  There may also be additional privacy requirements, depending on its size and revenue as well as its customer base.  We’ll draft a custom policy to ensure compliance across the board.

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