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Our Essentials Plan Is Perfect For Entrepreneurs Who Know They Need Help, But Have No Idea Where To Begin

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Business Essentials


In addition to our quarterly roadmaps, our Business Essentials plan includes these great benefits, no matter the time of year!

Apart from our year-around guidance, we’ll also provide you with quarterly roadmaps to address different aspects of your business in a just-in-time approach designed to grow with your business!


Strategy Sessions

12 x 30-min Sessions

to use as you see fit.

On-Going Q&A

(via Text & email)



Document Review


1 Document

/ month

Registered Agent


If you’re ever sued, we’ll be the first to know so we can address it appropriately.

Marketing Tools


Access Tools to help you:

1) Define Your Market Dominating Position courtesy of; and
2) Create Your 12-month Profit Acceleration Roadmap, courtesy of


Q1 Roadmap:

Entity Strategy Assessment

The business you start today, may not be the same as the business you have tomorrow.  Vision and needs change. 

Let us assess your needs for TODAY, in a way that gives us flexibility to pivot for the needs of tomorrow, at the right time.

Corporate Binder Review

We’ll review your corporate binder – including minutes, tax elections, governing documents, ownership certificates and more – to ensure i’ts properly set-up for your business.  If you don’t have one, we’ll create one to fit your needs!

Entity Choice

We’ll assess your current entity choice (if you have one) to ensure you have the right entity strategy in place moving forward. If you don’t have one, we’ll set-it up for you!

State Compliance

We’ll ensure your state registration and entity reporting requirements are up to date.

Q2 Roadmap:

Contract Education & Implementation

There are a few contracts that we consider essential to 99% of businesses.  During this time, we’ll review what you currently have, and build out your contract bank with the missing essentials.

Current Contracts

We’ll review your current contracts and modify them as needed to ensure protection AND compliance with any other laws, as needed.

Essential Agreements

We’ll identify your current business practices and identify those areas you may be missing some key agreements; such as: media release, waivers, NDAs, arbitration agreements, etc.

Q3 Roadmap:

Employment Policies

Whether you’re planning on bringing on employees or independent contractors, it’s extremely important that you understand the need to classify correctly, and how to maintain the right policies and procedures to protect your business moving forward.  To get you started on the right foot, we’ll get your basics started for you.

Employees vs Contractors

We’ll review or create your employment or independant contractor agreements to help protect your business and its trade secrets.

Employee Basics

Most established business don’t have an employee handbook, despite being great tools to lay out expectations and hold your employees accountable.  We’ll get you set-up with a basic handbook that incorporates your business’ policies in a variety of topics.

Q4 Roadmap:

Marketing & Advertising Compliance

Why in the world would marketing be included in a business plan from a law firm? Because it’s closely related … and we’re not like other law firms.  We don’t just stop at giving you start-up or tax advice, we want to help you grow  while protecting you!

Website ADA Compliance Checklist

Did you know that your website could land you in hot water if its not compliant with ADA regulations?  We’ll provide you with an easy checklist to make sure your website is compliant – simply hand it to your webmaster.

Website Terms & Conditions

Every website should have a terms of use policy in place.  We’ll assess your site’s purpose, and create a custom solution for meeting this criteria.

Website Privacy Policy

Every website should also have a privacy policy if it collects ANY kind of information.  There may also be additional privacy requirements, depending on its size and revenue as well as its customer base.  We’ll draft a custom policy to ensure compliance across the board.

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