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What Exactly Is A Subscription Legal Plan? Do I really need it?

Our Subscription Fundamentals

Whereas many business lawyers might limit their advice to the rudimentary startup and tax guidance, we like to push the envelope. Why aim for the bare minimum, when we can pave the path for global conquest? Our groundbreaking program will help you to optimize your business expansion. We’re here to assist you every step of the way, ushering you down a clear pathway to success, or even business continuity, as needed.

Is A Legal Subscription For You?

Are you itching to turn a brilliant idea into a thriving business?

Has your current venture plateaued?

Do you envision redirecting or expanding your business audience?

Have you set policies and procedures in place?

Would your business falter if you took a break?

Are you swamped and unsure of where to begin?

Our Core Services

Entity Formation Strategy (LLCs & Corporations)

Estate Planning & Business Succession For Entrepreneurs


General Counsel (Subscription-Based Legal Plans)

Our Business ETHOS

Let’s be real, launching a business is a Herculean task. At Griffin | A Professional Law Corp., we make it more intricate by getting personally invested in your business venture. We believe in understanding every facet of you and your entrepreneurial aspirations.

We’re not just a team of legal experts, but rather your business confidants, always available with practical advice and emotional support. Our dedication to the entrepreneurial journey is unparalleled as we thrive on helping you navigate the business landscape’s complexities.

Let’s forge a trust-based partnership because at Griffin | A Professional Law Corp., we’re not just practicing law, but also serving as your ultimate business advisor. We’re confident that our distinct approach to legal advisory offers the most comprehensive and engaging service in the industry.

Relationships Matter – Banish Fear!

At Griffin, we provide a unique way to keep our clients from reaching their zenith (sarcasm fully intended). We promise to guide you through industry regulations and optimize your branding, marketing strategy, resources, and hiring processes. Our team is here to help you navigate through the business challenges.

Our subscription plans, or General Counsel roadmaps, ensure we accompany you in every decision, providing you with timely, crucial information. We strive for a lasting relationship with you that keeps fear at bay and inspires confidence in discussing your business needs.

Vision, Strategy, Roadmap = Mission Accomplished. As simple as that!

Strap in! It’s time to turn your wild entrepreneurial dreams into tangible reality!

Let’s sit down for a serious discussion about your business plans. We’ll scrutinize your vision and strategize the most efficient way to actualize it.

We’ll start with laying the necessary foundational pieces. Then, we’ll delve into your branding and marketing strategy, ensuring its legal integrity to protect you from lawsuits. By the end of our journey, you’ll be armed with a robust plan and the confidence to conquer the world (or at least your next business venture).

Scale Up With Peace & Panache!

Maintaining a happy team is the secret to warding off lawsuits! It’s revolutionary to think that running a well-functioning operation with a positive work culture can be beneficial.

As we progress, you’ll learn that having proper systems, policies, and procedures is essential to your success. This not only aids your business expansion but also attracts and retains the right talent. Transitioning from a mere business owner to a bona fide entrepreneur is a game-changer.

This, dear friend, is the recipe for preparing your business for franchising, licensing, or transferring it to the next generation. After all, who wants to be shackled to a business indefinitely?

About Our Roadmap Subscriptions

Entrepreneurs, are you struggling to navigate the nebulous landscape of business law solo? Our excellent business starter-kit is here to rescue you! With a team of legal superheroes on your side, you can relax and watch your business elevate. Our ongoing support ensures your company remains compliant, while shielding you from potential pitfalls. Don’t wait until it’s too late – join our team today!

Are you tired of wading in the shallow waters of entrepreneurship? Ready to explore the deep and mysterious ocean of business, but hesitant to dive right in? Let us be your expert guide through uncharted territories with our Business Basics package. With our assistance, you’ll navigate the thrilling realm of business like a veteran. So why wait? Let’s navigate the waters of success together!

Congrats, entrepreneurs, on elevating your business! As you chase your ambitious vision, have you pondered the legal implications of your choices? Let us be your legal compass through the intricate maze of business law. With our expertise, we can ensure your compliance and protect your assets. Let’s navigate the legal waters together for your enduring success!

As your legal navigator in the business realm, I’m excited to see you’ve made your first entrepreneurial splash. With a new location, innovative licensing deals, and franchising, you can build a legacy that makes ripples in your industry. The sky’s the limit in building a thriving business – who needs sleep when you’re busy turning dreams into reality?

Workshops & Webinars

Because sitting in a stuffy conference room all day isn’t enough, we’ve decided to branch out into the world of virtual boredom with our workshops and webinars. We’ll be dishing out advice and insights like they’re hot cakes. Just think of us as the encyclopedias of all things small business-related. Or, you know, just a platform for other professionals to steal the show. Either way, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a legal subscription plan?

Welcome to the wild world of business, where the norm is thrown out the window and we do things a little differently. Say goodbye to those generic legal tips you can easily find on Google, because with our unique just-in-time approach, we'll give you the most important information at the precise moment you need it. This way, you can rest easy knowing your business is not only set up for success, but also protected from any legal mishaps.

How Do I Know if a Legal Subscription Is Right for Me?

Oh, you mean you might be one of those people who've been in business for what feels like a million years but somehow still forget about legal compliance? Yeah, they definitely need one of our subscriptions. Because ignoring this crucial aspect of business just leads to a never-ending cycle of overspending and headaches. But hey, at least they have a good excuse for all their mistakes - they just forgot!"

Do You Only Work With Established Businesses?

Let me tell you about our clientele. We've got a real mixed bag here. Some are greenhorns fresh out of the gate, while others have been around the block a time or two (or ten). But, hey, that's what makes our job so thrilling. We get to put our legal magic to work and help our clients reach new heights, whether they're just starting out or already have a pretty sweet operation going. The sky's the limit, folks!

Do You Offer Ongoing Advisory Services?

Yes!  Our subscription program is basically a one-stop-shop for all your legal woes. We'll be there to fill in the cracks in your legal foundation, build new ones as your business expands, and sometimes act as your personal therapist whenever you need to let off some business steam. And if that wasn't enough, we'll even take on the challenge of managing the risks to your business by coming up with a strategy you'll think is brilliant for your current business setup. You're welcome!

Do You Work With Start-Up Companies?

Oh joy! Working with start-ups is just the highlight of our day. The Essentials plan was specifically crafted for those with big dreams and no budget. Because let's face it, you can't conquer the business world with just a vision board and positive affirmations. We're more than happy to join you on your thrilling journey from zero to hero.

Matt is a FANTASTIC attorney and the firm is PHENOMENAL! He takes the time to explain things when I didn’t understand, conducted business in a very professional and timely manner and I have had zero issues working with him. Matt is very kind, genuine and trustworthy and I will definitely be working with him and the firm again in the future.

Dustin R.

If you need him to look over contract and you are client he will . And give you the advice you need. I already have referred my friends to him .

Randy W.

Matthew Murillo from Griffin was OUTSTANDING. I sought advice. He did not know the answer – researched it – got back to me with just what I needed. He then showed me how I could do it myself without having to be charged by his company. Genuine and authentic. I will be going back to Griffin and Matthew for any legal needs moving forward.

Eric B.

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