Our Systematic Approach

Information Gathering

Our regular client meetings typically begin with a questionnaire that is designed to get down to what matters most to you and your business, now and in the future.  We also discover which assets may need advanced planning.

Research & Design

Once we’ve gathered all necessary information, we’ll asses your responses, assets, and various strategies to determine a course of action for a customized solution to fit your goals and needs.  

Execute & Monitor

Once we’ve created a roadmap for you, we’ll break things down into bite-sized pieces to ensure you know exactly what’s going on every step of the way, giving you peace of mind while you focus on what matters – growing your business.

Built With California
Entrepreneurs In Mind

Ongoing Support

Built On Relationships

We believe that the traditional law firm model is flawed. It incentives lawyers to spend more time on matters (*cough* billable hours *cough*) and constantly focus on the next new client (“one off transactions” are the norm in most legal practices). The world has even appeared to shift to commoditized legal work, with many “DIY lawyering” options that provide zero guidance and the ability to create more problems than they solve.  

Isn’t it time for a worthwhile, lifetime relationship with your lawyer? If you want a transaction, you can go online and find a document drafting service, and hope you don’t end up in Court with expensive litigation on your hands. We want to provide a great relationship that will help move your awesome idea into a revenue generating business and prepare you and your business to leave behind a legacy of significance that can remain in the family for years to come.

What We Do for You

Service Options For Every Need

For those entrepreneurs that work with us on an ongoing basis, we help strategize, design, implement and maintain effective plans to help them reduce their personal liability and (most importantly) keep their businesses running smoothly!