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Hands-On Training with Matthew Murillo

Protecting Your Business:  Filling Out Your Essential Business Documents

June 23, 2023 @ 1pm; via Zoom

Join Attorney Murillo as he takes a deep-dive into the essentials that every small business owner should incorporate into their business, in order to maximize protection and keep peace of mind.

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During our time together, we’re going to hit on the 3 most important categories for protecting your business:

  1. Corporate Binders:  What are they and what items need to be included? 
  2. Essential Business Contracts: What should you have in your template bank, ready at a moments notice?
  3. Other Essential Considerations:  Other important items to keep in mind to protect and grow.

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Is An LLC For Me?  All About Entity Structure & Strategy

July 7, 2023 @ 1pm; via Zoom
Hosted By Flynt, Inc.

Discover the pros and cons of various entity structures and how to choose the most appropriate fit for you and your business.

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During our time together, we’re going to hit on the differences between Sole Proprietorship, LLCs, Corporations & Partnerships and why the type of entity you choose matters.  We’ll also be looking at the various factors associated with ensuring you’re managing your risk properly.

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Growth Strategies: 45-Min Business Breakthroughs For Service Pros

July 14, 2023 @ 1pm; via Zoom
Hosted By The Inc. Academy

During the course of this webinar, we’ll be discussing some of the core components that directly impact your profit, and how to find a minimum of $25k in YOUR business, today!

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During our time together, we’ll be going over specific strategies for you to implement immediately after the webinar; plus an introduction to The Inc. Academy’s Profit Acceleration Roadmap with a special gift for attending.

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Estate Planning For Entrepreneurs

1pm, via Zoom

Attention all entrepreneurs! Are you worried about what will happen to your business and assets after you’re gone? Join our upcoming webinar to learn how you can protect your legacy and ensure a smooth transition of your business for your loved ones. This webinar will provide you with essential knowledge and strategies for safeguarding your business and personal wealth.

Registration opens July 1st




Contract Basics For Entrepreneurs

1pm, via Zoom

Are you a service industry entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level? Do you find contracts and legal jargon overwhelming? Join our upcoming webinar, “Contract Basics For Service Pros,” where you’ll learn everything you need to know about contracts in a simple and easy-to-understand format. Join us to gain valuable insights and ensure the legal protection of your business..

Registration opens August 1st




Developing A Legal Relationship

1pm, via Zoom

This webinar is designed to help entrepreneurs like you understand the importance of having a strong legal foundation for your business. During the webinar, you’ll gain valuable insights on how to establish a legal relationship that can support your business growth and protect your interests, addressing your true legal needs; all while keeping legal fees manageable.

Registration opens September 1st

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