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Wills, Trusts And Everything In Between

Our estate planning practice covers a wide variety of services, some of which are outlined below.  In order to ensure your family is prepared, we take a comprehensive approach to ensure your comprehensive plan has the right pieces in place.

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Strategic custom planning

No Cookies Allowed

“You aren’t like most other lawyers we’ve met.” That’s a phrase we hear pretty often because we aren’t like most other law firms.  We want the best for your family and we work with you to figure out exactly what that is, without giving you “cookie cutter” strategies to meet your goals.

Comprehensive Approach

We Can Do It All

One of the problems we often see with estate plans is that they are not comprehensive enough.  Many times, they are missing important documents.  Other times, they are missing important provisions with legal significance.  We’ll make sure your plan is as complex as it needs to be, and no more.  We like simplicity too, but not at your family’s expense.

Comprehensive Planning

A poorly constructed estate planning can have disastrous consequences for your loved ones.  Does your contain the following items, at least:

Power of Attorney

This document gives your chosen individual the power to act on your behalf for certain non-medical matters.


A Will is an essential component of every estate plan, regardless of whether it is Will-based or Trust-based.  it also carries certain requirements that must be complied with in order to ensure it is valid under state law.


With various types of Trusts available, they can be a powerful tool to have as part of your comprehensive estate plan.  Use of the appropriate type of Trust is extremely important in ensuring your wishes are well documented and properly executed.

Planning For Children

How do you make sure that your children are properly cared for, ONLY by those you choose to care for them, in a way that is important to you?  With our trademarked kid’s planning process, we’ll take care of those details for you.

Healthcare Directive/Power of Attorney

Who do you want making your medical decisions if you can’t do so? A properly prepared appointment & guidelines can make a world of difference during what could be a difficult time for your family and friends.

Ongoing Review

We recommend having your estate plan reviewed every 3 years, at minimum.

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Our Services Include:

Revocable Living Trusts

Irrevocable living trusts

Will-Based Planning

Planning for Non-Citizens

Probate avoidance strategies

re-marriage protection strategies

inheritance protection strategies

Advanced Estate tax strategies

asset protection strategies

guardianship nominations

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