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In business, things can change quickly.  So, as an entrepreneur, you must maintain the ability to pivot when the wind starts to blow – especially if you’re a serial entrepreneur.  Joint us here each each for new updates in the world of business.

How Hiring Employees Increases Your Legal Risks

When hiring a new worker, companies have two choices: bring a new employee on board or hire an independent contractor. One of the main benefits of having employees is that you have much more control over the work they do. You can train them how you...

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Legal Considerations for Farm Owners

Farming brings to mind kinship with nature and a simpler way of life. But the farming industry is highly regulated, and navigating the applicable laws and regulations can be far from simple. A rising world population creates greater demand for food...

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Legal Considerations in the Hiring Process

You are probably aware of employment laws that could create liabilities if your company fails to comply with them. However, even before a person becomes an employee, certain antidiscrimination laws protect them during the application process. Most...

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When Should I Think about Selling my Business?

Part of the reward of being a small business owner is seeing your hard work pay off over the years. The many sacrifices you made for your business can all seem worth it on the day you close a deal to sell your company. But if you are dreaming of...

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What Happens When an LLC Member Dies?

In theory, a limited liability company (LLC) can last in perpetuity. However, the owners of an LLC should plan for the day when they are no longer there to run their business. This includes not only situations like retirement or career change, but...

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