Outside General Counsel

Think Of it as your Chief Legal Officer (& Team) or as your OUtsourced Legal Department…

What’s Included?

Generally speaking…

Our plan is meant to encompass the work your “legal department” would generally be in charge of.  So, while we strive to give you a heads up about what that might mean for you, we obviously can’t cover every possible scenario here.

However, we do have some specifics topics that we go over (listed below) in addition to being generally available for things YOU NEED. 

And best of all? We also want to build a relationship with you OUTSIDE of work.  So, we host quarterly events for our General Counsel clients that helps us get to know them better, as well as get to know each other, connect, and sometimes, enjoy new experiences.

The only thing we don’t do is litigate.  But if its needed, we’ll connect you with the right, pre-vetted legal team for the job!

VIP Events

(Mixers, Dinner, Shows, etc)


Monthly Calls

60 min.

On-Going Q&A

(via Text & email)



Document Review


Document Drafting


Registered Agent


Misc. Legal Time


Account Collections


Need help collection on revenue owed to your business? We’ll send appropriate demands for payment and negotiate on your behalf.

Settlement Negotiations

If you are ever sued, we’ll take care of the negotiations to the extent we can do so without litigation.

Entity Compliance:

The business you start today, may not be the same as the business you have tomorrow.  Vision and needs change.  As a result, your entity structure and corporate strategy may need to shift as well, in order to maximize its benefits to you.

Plus, now that your business is running mainly on auto-pilot, it’s time to develop a more comprehensive approach to your estate & succession planning.  We’ll continue the planning conversation by looking at various alternative estate planning vehicles in order to maximize gift, tax and other benefits to you and your potential heirs!

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Governing Document Review

We’ll review, update, amend and/or re-state your bylaws or operating agreement as necessary to ensure it aligns with your business.

Up-to-Date Minutes

We’ll ensure your organizational Minutes  are current, or bring them current if they’re not.  Then, we’ll make sure they stay that way by keeping your Board & Shareholder minutes up-to-date as needed.

Entity Choice

We’ll review your current entity structure and determine if its the right choice, and re-structure or convert as necessary.

Ownership Considerations

We’ll ensure we have the right pieces in place, based on the desired ownership structure, understanding, investment and expectations.

State Reporting Compliance

We’ll ensure your state business reporting obligations are met.

Federal Compliance Updates

When necessary, we’ll also provide corporate updates to the IRS on your behalf.

Asset Protection & Tax Planning

We’ll begin to address some asset protection and tax planning strategies, by adding an additional corporate entity to your portfolio in order to help achieve your long-term goals.

Estate & Succession Planning

Now that you have a basic plan in place, we’re going to take the next step and look at some advanced strategies.  These may include things like additional entities, irrevocable trusts, staggered or incentivized gifting to your heirs, etc., in order to protect your assets NOW and in the FUTURE!

There’s a saying in business, that you must “begin with the end in mind.”  With that, we need to begin to address your exit or succession strategy well before the time has arrived.  Whether you want to sell the business or pass it on to the next generation, we’ll start to create a strategy to get you ready for that time.

Relationships With The World:

Contracts, Relationships & Operations

Your contracts are in place, key dates are calendared and managed.  Your relationships with the outside world are under control. 

It’s now time to look into your world and ensure your systems are ready to go public.  We’ll begin to audit and assess in this stage to truly maximize what it means to be a lifestyle business owner; in the process creating a business that supports your lifestyle well into the future.

Current Contracts

We’ll review your current contracts and modify them as needed to ensure protection AND compliance with any other laws, as needed.

Audit Business Practices

We’ll identify your current business practices and identify those areas where we need to ensure relationships are properly documents, and create the contracts to fill those gaps.

Document & Key Date Management

Let us relieve your burden! We’ll maintain copies of your agreements with other parties, and maintain key dates for your business! Don’t get caught off guard with renewals anymore!

Streamline Onboarding System

If you’re a service-based business, your client onboarding systems may need to be addressed…especially if you’re using tech to assist.  We’ll evaluate your process, third-party provider relationships and ensure you’re meeting compliance requirements applicable to your business!

Employees & Contractors:

Employment Practices & Operations Audit

Whether you’re planning on bringing on employees or independent contractors, it’s extremely important that you understand the need to classify correctly, and how to maintain the right employment and operational policies; and procedures to protect your business moving forward.

Roles & Duties

We’ll identify the various roles in your business and help you create appropriate job descriptions for each.

Employees & Contractors

We’ll review or create your employment or independant contractor agreements to help protect your business and its trade secrets.

Streamline Employee Recruitment/Retention System

As you get ready to build out your legacy, you’ll want to ensure a steady stream of top-tier talent.  So let’s take a look at your employee benefit packages, how you recuit and KEEP that talent; while keeping an eye towards legal compliance requirements of your industry!

Payroll & Employee Files

We’ll audit your payroll and employee files to ensure they accurately reflect pay rates, ensure wage compliance, incidents are properly documentated, and personnel files are properly kept.

Employee Policies & Handbook

Most established business don’t have an employee handbook, despite being great tool to lay out expectations and hold your employees accountable.  We’ll get you set-up with a basic handbook that incorporates your business’ policies on a variety of topics.

Hiring & Firing

We’ll assess your current hiring/firing policies & procedures to help you determine if any adjustments need to be made in order to ensure legal compliance and avoid hot water down the road.

Audit Personnel Files

We’ll audit your current personnel files to ensure they’re ready to go should an audit ever arise.

Standard Operating Procedures

We’ll assess your current operational policies and procedures so that your business begins to take its first steps to becoming “plug ‘n’ play”, allowing you more freedom!

Your Marketing Compliance:

Why in the world would marketing be included in a business plan from a law firm? Because it’s closely related … and we’re not like other law firms.  We don’t just stop at giving you start-up or tax advice, we want to help you grow  while protecting you!

Website ADA Compliance

We’ll provide a quick audit of your website (if you have one) and give you a checklist that you can give to your webmaster in order to be compliant with ADA website standards

Website Terms & Privacy Policy

We’ll draft a custom set of custom terms and conditions, and a privacy policy, for your website.